Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:  Greetings!
Hopefully, I will remember to attach the correct weekly bulletin.
You can  find tomorrow’s service at the same place and time as usual.
Just so you know . . . I have been experiencing body aches.  Knowing that those are symptoms of Covid, I made an appointment with TestNebraska for next week.  I contacted Gale Pohlmann, council president at Peace, and Tony Biatek, Senior Warden, at Christ.  Gale said I could get a rapid test at Express Care, here in Beatrice.  I went there, they did the test, the results were NEGATIVE.  The physician’s assistant told me to take something for the pain and if I was not feeling a lot better next week, I should keep the appointment with TestNebraska.  I asked her what else it could be.  She said it could be another virus.  Either way, I need to quarantine.  
I am taking Aleve, it seems to work really well, but I feel loopy and need to rest to let it work.
Therefore, tomorrow morning, Rich will be leading youtube and in-person worship.  He is preparing the bulletin.  So, we should be set then.  The attached bulletin will be the service he will be using.
God bless!  Stay safe; stay healthy!  God loves us where we are!!  Pastor

2-17-21: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:  Greetings!
Reminder that the Ash Wednesday service will only be on youtube.  In person worship cancelled for tonight due to cold and covid!!!
As always, how to get the service on youtube (at 5:30 p.m.)1.  Go to  Search in the bar at the top for Christ Church Episcopal Beatrice3.  Click on the video you would like to watch.
When it comes time for the Imposition of Ashes, you may wish to draw a cross on your forehead.
Prayers of the People are not part of the traditional Ash Wednesday service.  Please pray for the Family and friends of Victor Woltemath, esp. Linda (daughter) and Rich Hovendick, Britney & Ashton.Also, Judy and Tom Turbiville, who are very, very cold in Texas!!!
God Bless!  Stay safe; stay healthy; STAY WARM!!!  God loves you where you are!!
Pr. Marilyn

2-16-21: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:  Greetings!
Due to the entrenched cold and the possibility of blackouts, our Ash Wednesday service will be held only on youtube.  We will not be holding in-person worship.
Tomorrow, I will send out the youtube information and the attached Ash Wednesday service as I do every Saturday.
God bless!  Stay safe; stay healthy; STAY WARM!!!  God loves you where you are!!  Pr. Marilyn

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